Filling the internal storage of our Xiaomi is not a very difficult task. The videos, photographs and in general, any other multimedia content, They take up more and more space, so if your Xiaomi is compatible, you should activate the next option that we are going to show you.

As many of you know, Xiaomi has been improving the photographic section of its smartphones in recent years. Now practically cany of its models has a high resolution camera, in turn causing the resulting photos to take up more space.

Faced with this, Xiaomi has been adding support for the image format in some of its smartphones, especially in the higher range ones. HEIF. This, in addition to having a greater compression than that offered by other formats such as JPG or PNG, manages to maintain a very good image quality, in turn offering greater editing flexibility very similar to that of the RAW format.

If we activate the RAW format in the camera of our Xiaomi, we will achieve that the resulting photographs occupy, in many cases, less than half space than if we saved them in other conventional formats such as JPG or JPEG.

How to activate the HEIF format on your Xiaomi and save space

As we said, Not all Xiaomi smartphones have HEIF support. It has only been added in those of a higher range or that have a better performance camera. If yours is among the compatible ones, its activation is very simple:

  1. Go to the camera and access the Settings from the top right menu.
  2. Activate the option “HEIF format

In this way we will ensure that the photographs occupy practically half the space in our Xiaomi. yes, unfortunately this format is not supported by all applications so you will have to discover if its use really suits you depending on which apps you use.