Among the wide variety of possibilities that Xiaomi offers us in its customization layer, we find the possibility of limit mobile data usage. This MIUI option, in addition to limiting the daily use of data, allows us to create notices of excess consumption.

Although “unlimited” rates are becoming more fashionable, the companies that offer us the best price still have certain data limits in their rates. It is because of that keep a daily control of our data consumption in our Xiaomi it is essential if we want to reach the end of the month.

In view of this, we are going to explain how to create mobile data usage limits on your Xiaomi, especially on those devices that have MIUI 12. In addition, we will see how to create consumer notices and notifications, so that we do not exceed the daily limit.

First we must establish our data plan

Before proceeding to create a data consumption limit on our Xiaomi, we must proceed to establish what our current data rate is. To do this, all these settings are made from the Xiaomi Security or Security application.

To do this, the first step is to look for the option “data usage” within the Security app. Once inside we will go to the options from the upper right button and then click on “data plan“.

From this section we can adjust our Maximum data limit, which corresponds to the data offered by our rate. In addition, we can configure the Data Usage Period Reset, that is, the date on which our rate will be renewed.

Likewise, from this section we can establish a data usage notice. We will set this in the option Data Usage Notice Level, which is represented by a percentage. Upon reaching it, MIUI will notify us of it.

Create data consumption limits on your Xiaomi and consumption notifications

After having configured our data plan, we will only have to establish the data limit notices on our Xiaomi. To do this, we only have to perform the following steps in order to limit daily data usage:

  1. Go to Security app > Data usage > Data usage settings
  2. Once inside we will click on “Notice of data consumption”
  3. From this section we will activate the option “Limit of daily data use”

Thanks to this option we can limit mobile data on our Xiaomi. In itself, we can do it through a daily amount that we establish, allowing us in turn to carry out an action once we have reached the limit; deactivate the data or notify about it.

In addition, we will also be able to display these data consumption notices on the lock screen of our smartphone, be it a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO.