Among the many options that Xiaomi provides us with on its devices with MIUI, we find the pocket mode. This functionality, as its name suggests, prevents involuntary keystrokes from activating the screen of our device.

Thanks to this we not only get prevent accidental presses after inserting the device in the pocket, but also, we get reduce energy consumption and protect the screen of our Xiaomi.

To do this, the MIUI pocket mode deactivates the touch panel of our Xiaomi in combination with the information received by the proximity sensor. If the latter detects being in the pocket, it will prevent the terminal screen from being activated after pressing it or pressing any of the physical buttons.

How to activate pocket mode on your Xiaomi with MIUI

For activate MIUI pocket mode In order to prevent the screen of our Xiaomi from turning on by itself involuntarily, we only have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Lock screen
  2. Once inside we will activate the “Pocket mode” option.

Activating pocket mode we will prevent the screen of our Xiaomi from accidentally turning on in our pocket, either by pressing its screen or by pressing one of its physical buttons.