Among the multitude of options that MIUI offers us, we find the possibility of activate or deactivate the terminal, simply pressing twice on its screen. A functionality that gives us greater comfort when browsing the latest notifications or entering the system and that is also very simple to activate.

Thanks to this MIUI option, we can, for example, turn on the screen of our Xiaomi simply by pressing twice on it, a really interesting utility if for example we have the terminal resting on a table.

Similarly, we can also turn off the screen by pressing twice on this. Being on the desktop, if you touch any free space twice consecutively, between the application icons, the screen of our Xiaomi will automatically turn off. UPDATED: For some strange reason, the power off function only appears on some devices such as Xiaomi Mi 11, Redmi Note 10 Pro or POCO X3 NFC… On other devices only the power function is allowed.

How to activate the option to press twice to activate or turn off the screen of your Xiaomi

If you liked this functionality capable of allowing us activate or turn off the screen of any Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO simply by pressing twice on it, activating it is even easier:

  1. Go to Settings > Lock screen
  2. Once inside, simply activate the option called “Press twice to turn the screen on or off

It should be noted that the functionality of turning off the screen it is only functional when we have the default MIUI theme, that is, if we have applied another customization theme, this functionality will not work correctly.