Among the novelties of MIUI 12 Xiaomi introduced the new Dark Mode 2.0. Unlike the one that MIUI 11 already has, it is much more complete and advanced, also allowing us to integrate it into third-party applications that do not have their own dark mode.

Beyond simply inverting colors, MIUI 12’s new Dark Mode is capable of recognizing the tone used by the interface of each application, naturally darkening each color separately.

With this, Xiaomi has achieved that the transition between the MIUI 12 interface itself and the rest of the applications is more natural and smooth, thus avoiding the sudden change of colors and the dark mode itself that each app integrates independently.

How to activate MIUI 12 Dark Mode in third-party applications

Apply MIUI 12 Dark Mode on third-party apps.

Xiaomi provides us with the possibility of apply your own MIUI 12 Dark Mode on third-party apps They don’t have their own dark mode. To do this we just have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Display > Dark Mode > Individual apps
  2. After accessing, we will activate all those third-party applications in which we want our Xiaomi to apply the new MIUI 12 Dark Mode.

As might be expected, in order to apply MIUI 12 dark mode on third-party apps that we have installed on our Xiaomi it will be necessary to have the general Dark Mode itself active. With this we will ensure that the entire interface and applications show the same tone and the same effect.