Update after update, Xiaomi has been improving the different functions of MIUI. Among these we find the new horizontal multitasking, a new iPhone-style format that makes it much easier for us to move between open applications.

Although MIUI has always integrated a multitasking in a vertical sliding flat format, that is, each application is displayed separately in a kind of grid grid, now we can also view them horizontally, moving through them in a more natural way.

with a style very similar to what we can find in iOS, the iPhone operating system, MIUI’s horizontal multitasking allows us to move between the different open applications in a more visual and partly more practical way.

In addition, with the new horizontal view of multitasking, we can access functions more quickly. We can no longer just close a particular app by swiping it up, but if we slide it down it will be anchored (padlock) thus preventing it from closing when it is in the background.

How to activate horizontal multitasking on your Xiaomi

To activate the new horizontal multitasking on your Xiaomi or Redmi, it is only necessary to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Home screen > Organize items in Recents
  2. Once inside we will only have to activate the view “Horizontal

In this way we can have the new iPhone or iOS style horizontal multitasking in our Xiaomi. That if, being a functionality of the Xiaomi launcher, POCO devices that integrate POCO Launcher do not have this function.