Among the wide list of news that MIUI 12 presents, probably the floating windows be one of those new features that has surprised me the most. And it is that, thanks to this new functionalities we will be able to have greater control of multitasking from our Xiaomi.

Unlike the quick responses that MIUI 11 already has, the new floating window system of MIUI 12 will allow us open any app in the background and in a smaller window, so that we can perform two tasks at the same time.

Serving as an example, the new floating windows of MIUI 12 will allow us to stay in the WhatsApp window talking with a friend, while in turn, in a small floating window, we consult some data on the Internet or visualize our favorite series.

With that, Xiaomi has made multitasking take a greater role on their smartphone. An infinity of possibilities that will allow us to work with our smartphone as if it were a computer.

How to activate floating windows in MIUI 12

Activating the floating windows in MIUI 12 is extremely easy. For this, it is enough with drag any supported notification down and it will be displayed in the form of a window that we can move across the entire window.

Likewise, MIUI 12 adds a new gesture to activate the floating window; with only swipe the application in question from the bottom left to the top right, it will be modified in size so that it will be displayed in a small floating window.

Also, from MIUI 12 we can activate floating windows manually for the application in question that we want. For this, we will only have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Access MIUI multitasking, either by pressing the square button or by sliding the screen up.
  2. Hold down the application that we want to activate in a floating window.
  3. Click on the new icon that MIUI 12 adds to activate the floating window.