Among the latest features launched by Xiaomi for MIUI we find the possibility of activate the app drawer, a new extremely useful option that we can activate on practically any Xiaomi or Redmi mobile.

The new Xiaomi app drawer It allows us to have greater control of our installed applications. In addition, beyond displaying all these disorganized on the home screen, it makes it easier for us to category creation and management.

In itself, the Xiaomi app drawer which is now available on virtually all mobile phones with MIUI takes us back to the origins of Android, allowing us a highest ranking of apps and therefore, a more orderly system.

How to activate the Xiaomi app drawer in MIUI

For activate the app drawer In our Xiaomi mobile device we only have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Home screen > Home screen
  2. Once inside we will only have to activate the mode With the App Drawer.

After accepting the new setting we will already have the MIUI application drawer active. Now, to access our applications we will only have to swipe up from home screen and the new application drawer will open with all those that we have installed.

Modify and configure the Xiaomi app drawer

By default, the Xiaomi application drawer is classified by categories, which we can configure to our liking, deleting them or creating new ones. In addition, we can also sort them in alphabetical order or even modify the background of the application drawer itself.

To configure the Xiaomi application drawer, we only have to go to the application of Settings > Starting screen > app drawer. Once inside we can deactivate the suggestions, modify the background, the scroll bar or even create new categories.