Chiaomi”, “Chayomi” or even “Shayomi” Are some of the forms, among which I find myself, that we have used over the years to refer to the Xiaomi brand. Unlike what happens with Samsung or SONY, pronouncing Xiaomi correctly is somewhat more complex.

But the reality is that pronouncing “Xiaomi” correctly is not as difficult as we think. Although the pronunciation and in general, the Chinese language has nothing to do with Spanish, almost with reading it, as it is written, we will be able to pronounce it correctly.

To do this, although it is already a topic, Hugo Barra, ex-vice president of Xiaomi, explained at the time how Xiaomi was pronounced correctly, giving us some advice and doing it in a much simpler way than it seems. In addition, Xiaomi’s own advertisements can help us know how to pronounce it.

How do you pronounce Xiaomi correctly?

As Hugo Barra explains, to pronounce “Xiaomi” we have to divide one’s word in two; ‘Xiao’ and ‘my’, which mean ‘little’ and rice ‘. After that, we will have to pronounce “xiao” In a smoother way and with a small undulation and later “me” With a small highlight on the “I “.

In a colloquial way, we could say that to pronounce “Xiaomi” we would have to read something like “Shao-mi”. Also, as advice given by Hugo Barra, the pronunciation should be given with the same tonality that we pronounce in English “Show me the money“.

In short, “Xiao-mi”, “Chayomi” or “Shaiomi”, our favorite brand will remain the same. That which has given us the opportunity to experience the wonders of technology, on a wide variety of products, without the need to shell out a large amount of money for it.