As technology and Internet access have evolved, smartphones have become one of the most important tools in our daily lives. It is because of that take care of your battery and prolong its life It should be an option to consider.

Back when batteries could be easily removed and replaced, we hardly had to worry. Now, on the other hand, the process is much more complex, so the daily care in the form of charging our smartphone could make a difference when it comes to prolonging its duration.

Without going any further, below we are going to give you five really useful tips that will allow us to keep the battery of our smartphone in the best possible state in a fairly simple way:

1. It is not necessary to charge our smartphone to 100% the first time we use it

One of the most widespread myths is based on the need to have to charge our smartphone to 100% the first time we use it. This happened with the old batteries of Nickel-Cadmium, an element with a memory effect that “forced” us to fully charge our smartphone the first time.

In contrast, current batteries manufactured in lithium polymers they lack the memory effect so if we buy a new terminal we can use it without any problem and without the need to charge it to 100%.

2. Avoid extremes now that you know memory effect is a myth

Although its evolution has been more than notorious, Lithium batteries do not usually get along very well with extremes. These suffer excessively when they have a very low load level or when, on the contrary, their level is full and a greater effort is required.

That is why it is most recommended maintain a charge level between 20% and 80%, thus avoiding the extremes and the battery suffering with it. Likewise, if you plan to store your smartphone for some time, it is best to do so with 50% charge.

3. Avoid using it while charging

Another of the weak points of lithium batteries are the high temperatures. Like any other electronic component, heat is a great inconvenience in order to prolong its useful life.

That is why our third piece of advice is that avoid using the device while charging it. With this you will prevent the temperature from increasing and you will also prevent the battery from making a double effort not only charging but also providing enough energy for its use.

4. Avoid fast charging and wireless charging pads

Based on the previous advice related to high temperatures, one of the cons of fast charging, which is so present today in the most modern devices, is its heat generation.

The same happens with wireless charging, since it is induction technology, it gives off more heat than normal, negatively affecting the useful life of our battery.

As council, you can use a lower power transformer to the maximum allowed. The same goes for wireless charging, if your device allows a 30W charge, it doesn’t hurt to use a 20W charger.

5. Get rid of any poor quality transformers

Tempted by offers, many decide to buy unbranded transformers that promise high charging power for just a few euros. In the end, as the saying goes “cheap ends up being expensive“.

That is why our last advice is that avoid low quality transformers, since in general these do not usually provide the levels of security that your smartphone requires.

Nor is it necessary to spend a large amount on it, for only about 14 euros you can get some other Aukey brand transformer on Amazon.