Mi Band is smartband developed by Xiaomi at an affordable price. Mi Band itself can detect incoming calls or messages, measure calories, how long you sleep, and how far you have walked from the user.

To be able to see the measurement results, users can install the Mi Fit application on an Android-based phone. Furthermore, users can connect Mi Band with Android-based phones using Bluetooth technology. In this case, the minimum operating system to receive this Mi Band is Android 4.4 and above.

Now interestingly, Mi Band also initially had a feature to open directly smartphone password-locked only with the Mi Band nearby smartphone. So you could say when this Mi Band is being used on the wrist it can automatically open a password-locked smartphone without having to enter a password. The condition is that this Mi Band must always be connected to a smartphone using active Bluetooth technology.

Mi Band Android smart lock

Initially this feature itself can only be used on Xiaomi smartphones that have used at least MIUI 6. But over time, all phones based on Android 5.1 and above can be unlocked using this Mi Band. For starters, make sure your smartphone is running the Android 5.1 operating system and above.

Furthermore, users can enter the Mi Fit application or directly to the Android’s Settings menu. If the user enters the Mi Fit application, it will say “Open Sesame! Use your band to unlock your device automatically” and when the user presses the text it will be directed to the Settings menu of the Android application.

When the Settings menu page appears, the thing to do is look for the Security menu. Later in the Security menu page, the SmartLock menu will appear and then the user selects Trusted devices, namely Mi (which is the name of the Mi Band device detected on the user’s smartphone). Then the user will be asked to enter the password or pattern that is currently being given to the user smartphone.

When finished, then automatically smartphone will be unlocked without the need to enter a password or pattern and only by using the Mi Band on the wrist. To get the Mi Fit application, users can download it at Google Play.