Are you going to format your Xiaomi Smartphone? or, Are you buying a new Xiaomi Smartphone? In these cases, it is very important for you to save or backup your existing data such as photos, contacts, videos, documents, and other files. Otherwise, you may lose all your important data. By taking the Backup, you can restore the data easily. So, the question arises, Is it possible to take Backup and restore data on Xiaomi Smartphones?

Yes, Xiaomi provides such utility by default in its Smartphones. So, users do not need to install any third-party applications. Let’s check out in detail, how to take backup and restore data on Xiaomi Smartphones?

Importance of Backup and Restore Data

It is always advised to take a backup of your data from time to time. It will be useful in case your device gets damaged or you have to format your device or you are changing your device. If you have taken a backup of your data, then in all these conditions you don’t need to worry about your important data, as you can easily restore your data.

Xiaomi has the best protection system for your valuable data with its unique MIUI system. As it provides a pre-installed utility for this specific purpose, users don’t need to worry about taking backup and restore data on Xiaomi devices.

How to take a backup & Restore Xiaomi’s Smartphones Data

Xiaomi’s leading MIUI ROM always offers more utility for you with its operating system. One of the utilities that are quite useful for you, is ‘Backup and restore utility’.

How to take Backup on Xiaomi Smartphone

You can The use of this feature can back up various things, such as system, applications, and accounts, and contacts. Here’s an easy way to back up the data locally on Xiaomi devices:

  1. First Open Settings on your Xiaomi device.
  2. Then select the Additional settings option –> choose an option ‘Backup & Reset’ from here.
  3. Now, go with ‘Local Backup’ option and from here tap on ‘Back up’ button
  4. Now select the files you want to back up.
  5. When finished selecting files to back up, tap on OK, then tap on Back up button. Now, it will start the Backup process.

After the backup process gets completed. You can find this Backup file in a folder located in a MIUI folder–> Backup, and then Backup.  You can transfer this backup file to MicroSD or any external storage device or platform.

How to Restore data on Xiaomi SmartPhones

We must have backup data to restore. Then you can enter the same settings as when you were backing up. However, if you are still confused, here are the complete steps on how to restore contact backup in Xiaomi:

  1. Enter the backup folder to the  MIUI folder, then Backup, and AllBackup. Create this folder, it if it’s not there.
  2. Open the Settings option.
  3. Then go with the Additional Settings option
  4. Now, select the option ‘Backup & Reset’ –> Local Backup.
  5. From here, simply select the backup file you want to restore, and tap on ‘Restore’.

Wait for the data restore process to 100%. When it finished restoring the data, the user can check the data. It should note that each MIUI series used in Xiaomi phones has specific ways, each of which can be different. The method above is the method that can use for Xiaomi devices in general.