XiaomiDevices – MIUI 13 is an Android operating system interface that offers a number of advantages because it is built with new features and improved support from the previous generation.

This operating system interface can certainly be a better option for mobile phone users made by Xiaomi to increase productivity or simply get a more pleasant experience.

We will at least get a refresh for the device interface such as the rendering system, animation effects, icons, to new background images by downloading and installing the MIUI 13 update.

But of course not only that, some of the new features of MIUI 13 will also pamper us with various kinds of convenience especially in its development relying on Android 11 and Android 12 as the basic base.

Advantages of MIUI 13

Fresh Look

MIUI development used to be heavily inspired by iOS. But over time, the interface of this Android operating system changed into itself by offering a much more different look.

In MIUI 13, the characteristics are more obvious. Xiaomi looks to give their signature touch to redesign the interface of the Android system by using new icons, backgrounds, and a set of themes.

Followed later, animation support in MIUI 13 also looks better. We can enjoy a smoother display with a more natural impression throughout the interface of this new system version.

Several animations were also born through MIUI 13 where one of them is included for charging. In this new interface, we can see directly how much power is entering the cellphone in real-time.

Bring the Memory Fusion Technology Features

Over the past few years, many mobile phone companies have started offering features to expand RAM capacity by cutting free space from their storage media to boost the device’s capabilities.

Xiaomi is also one of these companies. After introducing a similar feature through MIUI 12 for several models, Xiaomi has brought it officially under the name Memory Fusion Technology to all devices that support MIUI 13.

This feature will certainly be very useful when RAM is very limited or when we need many applications at one time of operation to complete various kinds of daily work.

Offer New Game Mode

The experience of playing games on Xiaomi devices will be even more fun with MIUI 13 because we can now do that while operating the cellphone or other applications without the need to close it.

One of the new modes in MIUI 13 because it allows us to launch and play a game with floating windows like ordinary applications on the previous system interface.