XiaomiDevices – If you are looking for a high-performance mobile phone but priced at a low price, the Redmi K40 might be an alternative choice.

This cellphone, which is globally known as POCO F3, managed to exceed our expectations when doing a trial use some time ago, especially for the performance it offers.

What’s more, apart from its good performance and can be relied on for many things, this cellphone also packs several other advantages so as to make its minor shortcomings even more subtle.

Pros and Cons of Redmi K40


Ten-tenths is certainly not a playful number for the performance of a device that is marketed with prices starting from Rp. 4 million. Armed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, this phone is capable of bulldozing various applications.

Heavy games like Genshin Impact can even be set to high graphics and frame rate settings without experiencing any problems. We can also play it very smoothly even though over time it feels a little warm in the body.

This is quite reasonable because the SoC does have to work extra hard when handling very heavy applications. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about increasing the temperature too much when using it optimally because this cellphone is equipped with LiquidCool 1.0 technology.

Used to just carry out daily activities such as telephone, SMS, chat, to playing social media will not disappoint. The 4,520mAh battery is able to last up to more than 13 hours with a 120Hz screen setting which of course can be more efficient if set to 60Hz.

Running out of battery in the middle of an activity is not a big problem when we use this cellphone. The 33W Fast Charging technology that is carried is because it is able to shorten the duration of the charger to 52 minutes to make the capacity full again.

Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming Edition Cooling

The RAM and internal storage of this cellphone are also quite suitable for daily use. If you really need more space, Xiaomi provides variants with capacities up to 8GB and 256GB.

Positive notes also appear on the rear camera. With a 48 MP main lens, 8 MP ultrawide, and 5 MP macro embedded in this cellphone, we can produce photos with good quality in various conditions.

The screen that is used is also well done. Carrying a 6.67-inch Dynamic AMOLED with Full HD + resolution (2400 x 1080 pixels) is also being worked on, the display image in it can look quite clear and bright.

Those of you who like to play games will also be spoiled by smooth animations. Like what we mentioned above, the 120Hz screen it brings is certainly able to refresh the display faster than standard.


Unfortunately, it is undeniable that the Redmi K40 is not a perfect device. There are some minor drawbacks that might feel a little annoying for some of us to use.

The absence of an external storage slot is one of them. The internal storage of this cellphone is indeed large, but when it is full we have to try alternatives other than installing additional memory such as subscribing to cloud services or diligently moving data to other places.

Like today’s cellphones, this cellphone is also absent from carrying audio jack support. We who like to listen to music of course need to prepare a wireless headset or a little bother with carrying a converter cable everywhere.

In addition, the plastic material coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which wraps the back body also feels quite slippery and is able to become a magnet for dust and fingerprints. Therefore we need to always install the default soft case if we want to feel comfortable.