Sometimes our Smartphone suddenly stops responding. The screen gets frozen or stopped. It is a very annoying moment for us. At this time, we don’t know what we should do and how we can get it back to normal working condition. Mostly this happens because of Launcher. Here we gonna talk about Xiaomi’s Smartphones. Is there any way to fix the Launcher of Xiaomi smartphones?

Yes, where there is a problem, a solution always exists. Xiaomi’s smartphone has impressive hardware specifications. But sometimes problems occur when you are not properly using your smartphones. Like using three or more applications at one time, lots of memory, battery problems, etc. Xiaomi’s MIUI system is affected by smartphone problems. Usually, issues are indicated by a warning notification “System Launcher Has Stopped”.

The solution is on your phone only. There are many ways to fix launching in Xiaomi devices. Follow the detailed guide to solve this problem “the system launcher has stopped at Xiaomi smartphone”.

Way to Fix “System Launcher Has Stopped” on the Xiaomi smartphone”

Of course, this is very annoying for us, especially when the warning appears when you are replying to an important chat, watching videos, playing games, or doing other important activities. It is like our hand stopped by someone, And we think the solution to our problems is only the repairing center.

But by following the simple tweaks, you can easily fix this error. Here we are going to explain 7 ways to solve this “System Launcher has stopped” error on your Xiaomi Smartphone.

1-Restart the Xiaomi smartphone 

When your smartphone has a too much-running process or applications at one time, and give the warning “System Launcher Has Stopped”, the best way to come out from this error, is by restarting your Xiaomi smartphone. To restart your Xiaomi Smartphone, follow the steps given below:-

step 1-Hold the power button for a few seconds.

step 2-Then you find the restart button, then apply

After restarting, your device immediately returns to normal. But if it still doesn’t work, then you can do another way.

2. Clear System Launcher Cache

‘Cache files’ are one of the reasons for slowing down your smartphone or freezing the Screen. The cache is temporarily stored in the memory of a Xiaomi smartphone when you use your device application.

Every application, including System Launcher, has its cache files and takes up storage space. Usually, when we had these types of problems or errors in our smartphone due to cache, We can easily clear these cache files. Just follow the steps given below:-

Step 1- Go to your file manager.

Step 2- You can remove the cache files from the System Launcher.

But I suggest that you should regularly clean the cache files so that the system on the Xiaomi smartphone remains stable.

3- Clear System Launcher Data

If cache cleaning still doesn’t work to make Xiaomi’s smartphone return to normal and it still raises a warning “System Launcher Has Stopped”. Then you can delete System Launcher data from the Settings menu easily. 

Simply open Settings menu –> Go to ‘Manage Apps’ option –> Choose ‘System Launcher’ app and clear its storage and cache. So Simple.

4- Remove the Third-Party Launcher

Third-party launchers application has great features. These applications manage and present the home screen of your smartphone. Sometimes a third-party launcher can create problems.

If you download and install it from a site other than the Google Play Store, then you should remove these third-party launchers. If “System Launcher has stopped” error appearing then you should replace them with the default Launchers.

5- Update MIUI For Launch 

Sometimes various bugs appear when you ask to update the latest MIUI, one of which appears a warning “System Launcher Has Stopped”. For that, you should edit or upgrade the newest MIUI that has appeared OTA (Over-The-Air) on your Xiaomi smartphone.

6- Remove Virus Or Malware

Sometimes viruses or malware lodged in Xiaomi phones can cause System Launcher problems. Downloading lots of useless applications or connecting with other devices is the cause of virus into the smartphone.

To fix this, you can remove viruses or malware using antivirus applications (AVG, Avast, Kaspersky, and others) or malware removal applications (Malwarebytes Security).

7- Factory Reset

If the above methods cannot solve the problem and the warning “System Launcher Has Stopped” still appears, then performing a Factory Reset on the smartphone is the last resort. Before doing a factory reset, you should first backup your smartphone data then start the process of Factory reset.

Note: You have to do a backup of all important data first because a Factory Reset will wipe out all the smartphone data.

 Final Conclusion

These are various ways to fix your Xiaomi Smartphone Launcher error. Today all the Launcher has bugs. When your smartphone provides the cleaner to clean your phone, you should use it and always power off your phone in one day. Then you can secure your smartphone easily.