A screenshot is an image taken by a person to record the visible item displayed on the screen. Today every smartphone supports this essential functionality. There are various ways to take screenshots on every smartphone. Here we gonna talk about, how can we take a screenshot on the Redmi 9A smartphone?

Redmi is one of the popular brands of smartphones. Do you know, Xiaomi got orders of around 30,000 units of the ‘Redmi 9A’ model in just 1 hour of its launch. The reason for the increase in selling is its attractive feature and hardware specification. Redmi 9A smartphone is affordable for middle-class people. Let’s learn, how to take a screenshot on Redmi 9A?

3 Ways to take screenshot on Redmi 9A Smartphone

There are three simple ways to take a screenshot on the Redmi 9A smartphone.

Method 1: Take a Screenshot Using physical button combinations

Method 2: Three fingers Screenshot (hidden trick)

Method 3: Take a Screenshot using Quick Menu options

Let’s see both methods one by one.

Method 1: Take a Screenshot Using physical button combinations

  1. After opening the Redmi 9A home screen, you can locate the area that you want to snap.
  2. Press the power button and volume down together for a few seconds to capture a screenshot, as shown in the image given below.
  3. When the screen flashes and the shutter sound is audible, it means now screenshot has been recorded.
  4. You can go to the Gallery, to view the saved screenshot.

Method 2: Three-finger Screenshot on Redmi 9A [Hidden Trick]

  1. First, unlock the screen and go to the Redmi 9A home screen.
  2. Open the screen that you want to capture.
  3. Now on the screen, swipe on the screen from top to bottom with three fingers.
  4. When the shutter sound is audible and the screen flashes, the screenshot has been successfully taken and saved.
  5. you can see the screenshot pictures in Gallery.

As a Xiaomi smartphone born in 2020, Redmi 9A uses three fingers with a screenshot capability. This feature can be active because you have turned the smartphone for the first time.

Method 3: Take a Screenshot using Quick Menu options

  1. Unlock the Redmi 9A screen and head to the home screen.
  2. Now just locate the screen, that you want to save as a screenshot.
  3. After the screenshot area is determined, access the screenshot option by Quick Menu by swiping the top right of the screen with one finger.
  4. Quick Menu appears, just locate the Screenshot icon with emblem box and scissors.
  5. Then just tap on this icon, a shutter sound will be audible and the screen flashes indicating that the screenshot was successful.
  6. The screenshot image saved in the application Gallery of Redmi 9A cellphones.

Final Conclusion

A Three-finger gesture is a time-saving feature. You can also use physical button combinations on the Redmi 9A. Although the physical key combinations are also fast, you don’t do it often so that the buttons don’t get damaged quickly. Especially the power button often used to rest or turn on the screen. Actually, almost in all Android smartphones, one can use this combination, so this method is the most powerful way.

You can take screenshots not only with the three fingers but also using a combination of physical buttons. You can also take screenshots from the Redmi 9A Quick Menu which can be accessed from the top of the screen.

You could say these three ways of the screenshot is very easier, but screenshots with three fingers, in my opinion, are the fastest way to save the display, which works for you in the future.